Gardening Tips & Ideas

Buying and Caring for your Christmas Tree

Choosing the right tree and taking proper care of it will ensure your enjoyment of this holiday tradition. Read more »

Getting Ready for Winter

Once you have prepared your gardens for winter, it is time to take care of your tools and supplies. A little time spent now will preserve your tools and assure you are ready for spring when it is time to begin the new gardening season. Read more »

Feeding Birds

From fall through winter, birds appreciate any supplemental food and fresh water you may provide. Generally, feeding can stop in summer, but continuing will encourage birds to nest and raise their young in your yard. When feeding birds, keep in mind birds feed at different levels. Some birds prefer to eat off the ground. While others will eat off a tabletop, hanging feeders, or from feeders placed in tree trunks. Food should be placed near shrubs or trees to provide them with the security of a nearby perch to escape to. Place small amounts of food on the ground to see what is actually eaten each day. You want to avoid extra food from rotting and making the birds sick. Read more »

Forcing Bulbs

This time of the year can be very dull.  Why not bring a little color and life into your home by forcing bulbs. Read more »

Fall Tree Care

Care for your trees does not stop in fall and winter.  Now is the ime, to take extra care of your trees and you will be rewarded in spring.  Exposure to the extreme conditions can cause stress on your trees even in winter.  You can minimize the stress on your trees by considering the  following tips: Read more »

Landscaping Increases Home Sale-Ability

Are you trying to sell your house?  Remember first impressions are very important.  If your prosepective buyer drives up to overgrown gardens and unkept lawns, they may assume the interior is also unkept. A few hundred dollars spent on your yard could gain a few thousand dollars on the selling price.   So what do you need to do for curb appeal? Read more »


Now is the time to think about next year's projects.  A good project needs to be well thought out.  Read more »


It is hard to believe that October is here. There are many gardening tasks to be completed this mointh. Read more »

Growing Garlic

Growing garlic can be an easy addition to your vegetable garden. Read more »

Planting Spring Bulbs

Fall is the time to plant spring bulbs.  Bulbs are some of the easiest plants to grow. In the northeast, the best time to plant is mid-September to mid-November.  Bulbs should be planted 6 weeks before the ground freezes solid or when the soil is about 60 degrees. There are many spring bulbs to choose from. Read more »