Now is the time to think about next year's projects.  A good project needs to be well thought out. 

Before working with your landscaper have in mind:  the scope of your project,  the time it will take to maintain it,  and your budget.

Next, set up a meeting with your landscape contractor to discuss your project so you can finalize your plans and get scheduled for spring work.  Waiting to spring to begin this process could delay when the project can be implemented.  Depending on the scope of your project, you may need a drawing of the work.  Check with your landscaper, many landscapers have the ability to do the drawing, thus saving you money in hiring a landscape architect.

When hiring a landscaper, look for experience and reputation, someone who has worker's compensation and liability insurance (to be sure you are covered when they are working on your property), and view samples of their work.

Wemple's Landscaping Service Inc. has been in business over 25 years and is a fully insured, full service landscaping company.  We do design, construction work of patios, walls, small outdoor buildings, fences, and plantings.  After the work is completed we can also help you with your gardening and maintenance needs.