Landscaping Increases Home Sale-Ability

Are you trying to sell your house?  Remember first impressions are very important.  If your prosepective buyer drives up to overgrown gardens and unkept lawns, they may assume the interior is also unkept. A few hundred dollars spent on your yard could gain a few thousand dollars on the selling price.   So what do you need to do for curb appeal?

Most buyers are looking for a nice grass area.  If the grass is mostly weeds, you have a couple of choices.  You could re-sod the area or if you can't afford re-sodding you can aerate it, fertilize, and water it back to health.   Then make sure it is groomed nicely. Keep your lawn mowed and remember to weed eat areas you cannot reach with your mower.

Next, planting beds that are full and offer some color and texture to the property will make the property more appealing.  Many buyers look online before deciding to even look at a house.  If the yard is not appealing, the buyer may feel it would take a lot of work and money to fix and in their minds the selling price  decreases.

When planting try to avoid planting shrubs or trees in a space that is not large enough as they grow.   Avoid planting one of each shrub or plant so your yard  won't look cluttered.  Always plant 3 or more like plants in masses to give your yard more appeal. 

Improving your yard, will encourage prospective buyers to take a look on the inside and may improve your chances of selling your house.