Reblooming Plants for Your Garden

Bloomerrang   - reblooming lilac.  Blooms in spring and again in midsummer into fall.

Immortality Iris    - Blooms spring and fall

'Endles Summer' hydrangea    -  Blooms several times during the summer.

Knock Out Roses    - Blooms throughout the summer.

Stella d'Oro daylily  - Blooms all summer.

Jackmanii clematis   - Blooms sporadically throughout the growing season.

May Night salvia   - Blooms late spring and again later in summer if you cut off the flowers when they fade.

Candy Heart Bleeding Heart   - Blooms May to September.

Rozanne Geranium   - Blooms late spring through fall freezes.

Valerian  - Blooms non'stop spring through fall.

Coreopsis   - Blooms all season.

Shasta Daisy   - Cut off faded flowers to encourage rebloom.

Catmint   - Cut back after initial flowers to encourage another cycle of bloom.

Speedwell   - Cut back when blooms begin to fade to encourage rebloom.

Rose Verbena   - Blooms best spring and fall.

Butterfly blue Pincushion flower   - Blooms all season.