Gardening Tips & Ideas

September Tips in the Northeast

With summer ending and fall beginning, there still are many tasks to be completed in your garden to get ready for the change in seasons. Read more »

Fall Plants for the Northesat

You can bring beautiful fall colors to your garden with trees and plants.  Read more »

Fall Lawn Care

Fall is a great time to fertilize, control weeds and improve the health of your lawn. Here are some tips to get your lawn ready for next year. Read more »

Creating a Garden

There are a few steps to think about when planning a garden. First pick the best location for your garden whether it is a flower or vegetable garden. Consider the amount of sunlight and moisture, the grade (flat or sloping) of your location, and the climate, rainfall and temperature for your area. Read more »

Perennials for Your Cutting Garden

There are many perennials ideal for cutting. We have provided a list with the colors that are available and when each bloom.  Have fun creating your own cutting garden. Read more »

Reblooming Plants for Your Garden

Bloomerrang   - reblooming lilac.  Blooms in spring and again in midsummer into fall. Read more »

Gardening for Wildlife

Here is a great site from the National Wildlife Foundation that talks about gardening for wildlife. It has some great tips. Hope you enjoy the site. Read more »

The Best Drought-Tolerant Perennials

Here is a link for drought-tolerant perennial plants that hold their own -- and still look beautiful. Read more »

Best Summer Time Bulbs

We found this great link to easy growing summer bulbs. Enjoy and remember we can help find and plant these bulbs. Read more »

Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs in July and August

Summertime is an important time in the life of your trees and shrubs. Read more »