Perennials for Your Cutting Garden

There are many perennials ideal for cutting. We have provided a list with the colors that are available and when each bloom.  Have fun creating your own cutting garden.

Anemone Zones 4 - 8 white, rose, or pink Bloom late summer and fall.
Aster Zones 4 - 9 pink, purple, blue, and white Daisy like blooms.
Bee Balm Zones 3 - 9 red, pink, lavendar, violet, or white Hummingbirds are attracted to this plant.
Bellflower Zones 3 - 8 blue, purple and pink They have clusters of bell shaped flowers. They bloom in the summer for several weeks and last well in a vase.
Bearded Iris (German Iris) Zones 3 - 9 red, pinks, yellows, blues, violet Look for varieties that rebloom. They will bloom in spring and again in the fall.
Blanket Flower Zones 3 - 8 single or double daisy like flowers Bloom in summer into the fall. Heat and drought tolerant.
Blazing Star Zones 3 - 8 spikes of white, rose, or purple flowers They attract butterflies.
Coralbells Zones 3 - 9 red, pink or white flowers Can be used as fillers between bigger blooms and appear for several weeks. They last a long time when cut.
Coreopsis Zones 3 - 9 yellows and gold blooms Easy to grow daisy like blooms on slender stems. Tolerates poor soils.
Gooseneck Loosestrife Zones 4 - 9 white blooms A fast spreader. Caution it spreads easily and can take over the space.
Lady's Mantle Zones 4 - 7 chartreuse blooms It blooms in early summer and is easy to care for.
Lily Zones 3 - 9 pink, red, orange yellow, and bicolor blooms Star shaped blooms. Many are very fragrant. Asiatic lilies bloom early to mid summer and Oriental hybrids bloom late summer and fall.
Obedient Plant Zones 2 - 8 pink or white spikes Easy growing.
Peony Zones 3 - 8 wide range of colors Grows in a bush like bunches. Often fragrant. Blooms late spring to eary summer.
Garden Phlox Zones 3 - 8 pinks, violets, reds, and white blooms Blooms summer to early fall. Light fragrance. Grows 3 - 4 feet tall.
Perrenial Sage Zones 4 - 9 blue spikes Blooms early summer through early fall.
Purple Cormflower Zones 3 - 9 purple Blooms midsummer through first fall frost. Easy to grow daisy like flowers.
Veronica Zones 3 - 8 white, pink, blue, violet flowers Depending on variety blooms early spring or summer to late fall. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Easy to grow and drought tolerant.
Yarrow Zones 3 - 9 yellow, orange, red, pink or white flowers  Blooms throughout summer. Resists heat and drought. Easy to grow.