Planting Spring Bulbs

Fall is the time to plant spring bulbs.  Bulbs are some of the easiest plants to grow. In the northeast, the best time to plant is mid-September to mid-November.  Bulbs should be planted 6 weeks before the ground freezes solid or when the soil is about 60 degrees. There are many spring bulbs to choose from.

Tulips, hyacinth, gladiolus, crocus, iris, daffodils, alliums, or cyclamen will be beautiful in the spring.  Bulbs should be planted in a sunny spot with good drainage.  Bulbs that prefer shade are exceptions to the rule.  Plant the bulb with the pointed end up at a depth three times as deep as the bulb's size.  Water well after planting and continue for the next 5 - 6 weeks. About a month after planting, cover with 3 - 4 inches of mulch to protect from freezing.  Fertilize with a light granular fertilizer each spring and fall.  When planting bulbs, plant 10 or more rather than single bulbs.  Clusters of bulbs will produce a splash of color.  Plant fragrant bulbs such as the hyacinths, tulips and daffodils under windows or walkways where they can be appreciated.  The beautiful colors will be wonderful to look forward to in spring after a long winter.  Remember - Wemple's can help you with your bulb planting.