It is hard to believe that October is here. There are many gardening tasks to be completed this mointh.

1)  Harvest all remaining fall crops such as, cabbage, onions, carrots, squash, kale or beets.

2) Bring in remaining tomoatoes.  You can pick green tomatoes and wrap in newspaper and put in a dark location until they ripen,  OR, pull entire plant and hang upside down in dark basement to let remaining tomatoes ripen slowly.

3) Plant garlic.  See garlic article.

4)  Spinach is a great crop to plant one last time.  It will stop growing once the temperatures begin to freeze, but it will begin growing again once the ground is no longer frozen.

5)  Plant winter rye or peas as a cover crop in your vegetable garden.  The plants provide a green manure when you rototill it in the ground in the spring.

6)  Mow lawn and fallen leaves.  The smaller the leaves the quicker they will decompose.  Put them in your compost pile.

7)  Plant spring bulbs  and  new perennials.  Divide any perennials now so they have time to become established before spring.

8)  Plant trees and shrubs.  Be sure to water so the roots become established before winter.

9)  Dig up any tender bulbs or tubers (dahlias, gladioli, begonias) and store in a cool, dark location.  Be sure to keep them safe from mice.

10)  Clean up all perennial beds.  Cut back plants, weed, and add compost to feed the plants and act as an insulation for winter.