Getting Ready for Winter

Once you have prepared your gardens for winter, it is time to take care of your tools and supplies. A little time spent now will preserve your tools and assure you are ready for spring when it is time to begin the new gardening season.


  • Clean every metal surface.
  • Scrape and scrub away soil using water if necessary.
  • Coat the metal with a layer of spray lubricant like WF-40.
  • Sharpen shears, loppers, and pruners with a whetstone.
  • Sharpen hoes and shovel edges with a mill file.
  • Store hand tools in a box or bin.
  • Store long handled tools in a shed, cellar, or garage on the wall.


  • Clean all surfaces and spray lubricant on any metal surfaces.
  • Run 4-cylinder engines until they are warm, then change the oil and air filter.
  • Run the engines until they are out of gas or add a gasoline stabilizer to the tank.
  • Sharpen blades on lawn mowers or any other tools that may need sharpening.


  • Drain all hoses and wrap them up for storage.
  • Store all nozzles and attachments in a box.


  • Clean all empty pots with soapy water and a scrub brush.
  • Stack them away.
  • Pots can be sterilized in a 5-percent Clorox bleach in water.
  • Tightly close any opened bags of peat moss or peat-moss based potting mixes to prevent them from drying out.


  • Store any chemicals like fertilizer, pesticides etc in a cool dry place away from children to prevent freezing.
  • Synthetic fertilizers will absorb moisture and lose nutrients unless wrapped tightly in plastic.