Buying and Caring for your Christmas Tree

Choosing the right tree and taking proper care of it will ensure your enjoyment of this holiday tradition.

You have two options when purchasing a tree: buy a tree from a commercial lot or cut your own. The two most important considerations for purchasing a tree are freshness and size.

FRESHNESS: If purchasing from a commercial location, ask where did the tree come from and when was it cut? Inspect the tree whether cutting it or purchasing it from a commercial lot.Is the tree green? Does it have a fragrant smell? Are the needles moist and flexible? Avoid broken branches or damaged bark. Bounce the tree to check if the needles drop.

SIZE: Take a tape measure to be sure it will fit in your space. Be sure you can cut off about an inch at the bottom to assist the tree in water absorption.

CARE: Once your tree is home, as quickly as possible, cut about one inch off diagonally at the bottom before securing in stand. Cutting off an inch at the bottom helps open up the veins so water will flow through the tree. Place the tree away from heat and flames. Make sure you water your tree regularly and do not let it dry out. When decorating, check to be sure the lights are working properly, cords are not frayed, and connections are secure. ENJOY and Happy Holidays!